About The Pastor

Rev. Dr. Martin Alphonse, a native of India began his ministry in the Methodist Church in India as a church planter in a village in 1976.

He has served as professor of missions and evangelism in various bible colleges and seminaries in India, Singapopre and USA. He is currently teaching full time as Professor of Missions at the Multnomah University in Portland.

Mission Statement

Taking Jesus as He is to people as they are.

To minister the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of all believers through the Word of God, fellowship, and worship.

To reach out and touch all people, especially those new to these shores, through the love of Christ and lead them to the knowledge and experience of His Salvation.

About IIC

India International Church was started on Oct 30, 1994 in the basement of one of the member's house. The vision of the church was to start a ministry among the ethnic Asian community, mainly from the subcontinent of India. When it was started, there were only about 7 families with a total membership of only 18 people. We continued there for a month or more.

Our first service at Sunset Presbyterian Church was conducted on November 7th, 1994. The Presbyterian Church graciously allowed us to use their facilities for our Sunday worship services.

Few years later we moved to the Prince of Peace Lutheran church. With God's grace and blessings and under the leadership and guidance of the current pastor, elders and the efforts of other dedicated members it has steadily grown, both in number and spiritually. The church has now a total membership of 40-50 people.

India International Church is an interdenominational church primarily consisting of people from different regions/states of India (Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and other states of North India), Fiji, Sri Lanka and United States. The congregation consists of people from different Christian background namely Jacobite, CSI, Mar Thoma, Anglican, Catholic, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Messianic Jew etc.