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In short, we are a Christ-centered, bible teaching, mission-oriented church. Being Christ-centered means that everything that we believe and do is about Jesus. Being Bible-teaching means that the Bible is our ultimate authority on all matters of faith and life, and we boldly preach the Bible every week. Being mission-oriented means that our church isn't defined by our programs, but by the influence we have in the city through relationships with people who do not yet know Jesus.

What Happens During the Worship Service?
Worship through Singing - Our worship style is a variety of contemporary choruses and hymns.

Worship through Prayer - We at IIC believe prayer is a great privilege. Prayer in its simplest definition is "talking with God." Since conversation is such a vital part of any growing relationship, during our prayer time, praise reports as well as prayer requests will be shared.

Worship through Preaching - During this time, our Pastor or Guest Speaker will deliver a God inspired, Bible based sermon.

What Do You Have For My Children?
Children's Sunday School - For children in Pre-k through 5th grade we have a special Children's Church. After everyone worships through song and prayer, and before the sermon begins, the speaker will dismiss these children to meet down stairs for their Sunday School. During this time all of the children will partake in a variety of activities and a Bible lesson geared for their particular age group.

What Should I Wear?
Whatever you are comfortable in. Some people get a little dressed up, while others wear jeans and a t-shirt. Just be yourself.

After the Service
Everyone is invited to stay for coffee and snacks and enjoy a relaxing time to get to know each other.

Worship Time
Sunday 9:30 AM
  • India International Church
    HAWTHORN Business Park
    (You will see a sign for 53rd Avenue Community Park)
    5293 NE Elam Young Pkwy Ste 180
    Hillsboro, OR 97124